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Episode #17: Red Heritage Raspberries

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Today, On Mike's Blog
How to Handle Powdery Mildew
No matter how much care and attention you put into your vegetable garden, there will come moments when something is affected by a common disease or pest. One of those common diseases is powd ...
Grow Melons in Your Home Garden Grow These 3 Heirloom Bush Beans in Your Garden
I was recently asked in a radio interview that I did, what is the one item that I grow in my garden that I never thought I would ever grow. While I would quickly say I have grown a lot of it ... Just a few bush bean plants in your garden will produce plenty for a family of four. With so many varieties of bush beans to choose from, you are are bound to find one that you will enjoy to ...
Are Your Kids Working in the Garden Today? Add Bush Cucumbers to Your Garden
Some of my earliest childhood memories are working with my dad in his vegetable garden. I can remember heading over to my grandparent`s house and always being amazed at what they had growing . . . So far this gardening season I am receiving great returns from my cucumber plants or Cucumis sativus for all you plant classification gurus out there. More on my production in a momentFor my ...
It`s a Great Time of the Year to be a Home Vegetable Gardener Tips on Harvesting Your Vegetables
My wife reminded me (as she always does) as to how, regardless of the number of days of summer heat that we may go through, that this time of year for us home vegetable gardeners is great. Within ... This is an exciting time of the year for us home vegetable gardeners. Tomatoes are full of ripe juicy fruits that you canít wait to sink your teeth into. The cucumber vines are climbing up, up, ....

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