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9 Health Benefits of Growing and Eating Tomatoes

Date Posted: July 11, 2017

Seeds of the Month Club by Mike the Gardener 9 Health Benefits of Growing and Eating Tomatoes
photo credit: Mike the Gardener

There are a number of health benefits of growing and eating tomatoes. But what exactly is a tomato. Scientifically, a tomato is truly a fruit. The true culmination of a tomato is evolved from the ovary inside the base of the flower, and include the seeds of the plant (although cultivated paperwork may be seedless).

In regards to cooking tomatoes, they are more commonly referred to as 'veggies' because they may be utilized in various savory dishes. The term 'vegetable' for tomato is greater typically used of another fit to be eaten components of plants, including cabbage leaves, celery stalks, and potato tubers, which aren't strictly the fruit of the plant from which they come. Now and again the period 'fruit' can be used to refer to the part of a plant which isn't always fruit, but which is utilized in delicious cooking: rhubarb, for example.


Tomatoes are easy to grow in any home vegetable garden, and tomatoes have a number of benefits such as for skin, weight loss, lycopene and so much more. Here are 9 benefits that tomatoes will give you.

1. Tomatoes assist in preventing most cancers

You'll be able to enhance the cancer-combating capacity of tomatoes by using them in a processed form – like tomato sauce, tomato juice, or tomato paste. Doing so permits the natural compounds in tomatoes to be more easily absorbed by using the frame. Additionally, cooked tomatoes have higher concentrations of lycopene. Check out the article from the AICR, Foods that Fight Cancer

It is important to eat a wide variety of healthy of meals (and not just tomatoes) to combat most cancers.

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2. Tomatoes Help with Blood Pressure

Tomatoes adjust Blood PressureThe lycopene in tomatoes has also shown to reduce blood pressure.

Tomatoes are also a great source of potassium, a mineral recognized to lower blood pressure levels. That is because potassium reduces the consequences of sodium. In fact, the greater potassium you eat, the extra sodium you lose through urine. Aside from this, potassium eases the tension inside the partitions of your blood vessels – further lowering blood pressure.

Tomatoes are also rich in Vitamin C that has been determined to lessen blood pressure.


If tomatoes are not entirely ripened, you could keep your tomatoes at room temperature. Once ripe, you may keep tomatoes within the fridge for up to three days. Past that, you could preserve tomatoes through freezing or canning. Fresh grown tomatoes may be the richest in potassium and may have the exceptional blood pressure-lowering agents.

Hot Tomatoes: Eating to control blood pressure

3. Tomatoes improve pores and skin And Hair Fitness

Tomatoes improve pores and skin And Hair FitnessTomatoes are an essential ingredient in most beauty treatments. Tomatoes help large treatment pores, treat pimples, soothe sunburn, and revive dull pores and skin. The antioxidants in tomatoes, especially lycopene, combat skin inflammation.

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Deficiency of Vitamin C can dry hair, a condition that may be prevented with enough intake of tomatoes (and different foods inside your diet).

18 Amazing Benefits Of Tomatoes For Skin, Hair, And Health

4. Tomatoes May Be Important for Women Who are Pregnant

Tomatoes Are May Be Important for Women Who are PregnantVitamin C is one of the vitamins any woman desires for the duration of her pregnancy pregnant to ensure mom and baby are healthy. Vitamin C aids in the formation of healthy bones, enamel, and gums. This nutrition additionally assists inside the proper absorption of iron within the frame, every other critical nutrient at some point of the pregnancy. Though taking iron supplements all through being pregnant may be beneficial, consuming tomatoes can have its advantages since the vitamin C is coming from a natural food source.

Including tomatoes in your diet may enhance the bioavailability of iron. The Vitamin C found in tomatoes may be able protect the mom and baby.

One difficulty most pregnant women face is ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel sickness. A number of women suffer from this disorder inside the first trimester. Eating antioxidant-rich ingredients like tomatoes can help in this regard. However, tomatoes should be a complement and not a replacement for your medicine or doctor`s advice.

The Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes During Pregnancy

Are you growing tomatoes in a 5 gallon bucket? Mike is Trying to Grow Beefsteak Tomatoes in a Bucket

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5. Tomatoes lessen LDL cholesterol And promote heart fitness

Tomatoes are also great sources of beta-carotene, folate, and flavonoids – all of which are beneficial for cardiovascular fitness.

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The nutrients in tomatoes additionally help reduce homocysteine and platelet aggregation, phenomena that can have undesirable effects on heart health.

Home Grown Tomatoes and their Contributions to your Health

6. Tomatoes May Assist in the Negative Effects of Smoking

Smoking leads to the immoderate manufacturing of free radicals inside the body, which can be thoroughly countered with vitamin C. Tomatoes may work for smokers since it is rich in Vitamin C.

Smoking and nutrition

7. Tomatoes improve vision

Tomatoes improve visionTomatoes are rich in Vitamin A, that's one reason they're excellent on your eyes. The retinas of your eyes rely upon Vitamin A.

Lycopene in tomatoes counters free radical damage that has show in studies to have an affect on your eyes. An study performed in 2011 found that human beings with better lycopene degrees had a lower threat of age-related macular degeneration.

Different eye-beneficial vitamins in tomatoes are vitamin C and copper. While the previous might fight age-associated cataracts; the latter facilitates production of melanin – the critical black pigment in your eyes.

Lutein in tomatoes is to be pointed out as well. It's a phytochemical, which is a carotenoid that is helpful for vision health. The beta-carotene in tomatoes, upon consumption, is transformed into retinol – and this compound is essential for optimal vision.

7 Best Foods for Your Eyes

8. Tomatoes May Improve Digestive health

Tomatoes are an excellent source of chloride, which is crucial in the production of digestive juices. One study also talked about the efficacy of lycopene in tomatoes in preventing digestive cancers.

Eating antioxidant-rich ingredients like tomatoes can also assist you to address gastritis, a condition wherein the stomach lining is infected.

11 Impressive Tomatoes Benefits

9. Tomatoes May Control Diabetes

According to the American Diabetes association, tomatoes are an essential part of a diabetic weight loss plan. That is because they may be rich in iron and Vitamins C and E – all of which assist in some way to relieve diabetic signs. Tomatoes even have a low glycemic index, which can be a bonus for people with diabetes.

Tomatoes May Control Diabetes

A recent study in India showed that supplementation of consuming tomatoes was linked to beneficial outcomes in patients with diabetes. Though further studies are needed in this regard, the results look promising.

American Diabetes Association: Diabetes Superfoods [Tomatoes]

Why Are Home Grown Tomatoes better?

Home grown tomatoes may include greater amounts of antioxidants. The antioxidants, specifically the polyphenols. As home grown tomatoes take a longer time to ripen (not like those pumped with chemical substances for faster ripening), they may have higher ranges of polyphenols. Although the studies are still ongoing in regards to this.

Tomato side effects

While there are numerous benefits to consuming tomatoes, some have experienced some side effects and they should be mentioned here.

The Tomato Leaf Can Be Poisonous in Large Quantities

Tomato leaves are hazardous. In large portions, they may be known to cause poisoning. Signs and symptoms of tomato leaf poisoning include intense inflammation of the throat and mouth, dizziness, headache and, in severe cases, death.

Are Tomato Leaves Actually Poisonous?

Acid Reflux

Tomatoes are certainly acidic. Consuming too many tomatoes can bring on acid reflux disease. If you continually feel heartburn, more than two times per week for many weeks, you need to seek advice from your doctor.

Acid Reflux

Tomato Intolerance

Some may have an intolerance to tomatoes which can cause stomach aches. The symptoms, however, will vary from person to person and can be quite rare.

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