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#174: Mike talks with Vincent Suozzi Creator of the Ring Weeder
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The Ring WeederIn this week's episode, Mike talks with Vincent Suozzi, a middle school teacher from Long Island, turned inventor of a really cool and useful weeding tool.

From the word "go", you will hear Vincent's passion and enthusiasm, as he takes you on his journey from his product being just an idea, up through his widely successful Kickstarter campaign.

His garden tool, called the Ring Weeder, was chosen as Yahoo! Home's top 10 kickstarter campaigns for new garden products. Since that time he has been interviewed for local and national news outlets, as it seems everyone wants to know more about Vincent and the Ring Weeder.

In this episode, heres what well cover:

  • All about Vincent
  • The history of the Ring Weeder
  • Vincent's gardening passions
  • The Ring Weeder chosen by Yahoo! home
  • How the ring weeder works and what is its best applications
  • The Ring Weeder's Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Items mentioned in this episode include:

About this week's Guest, Vincent Suozzi of the Ring Weeder:

Hi I'm Vinnie and I currently work at Westbury Union Free School District in Westbury Long Island. I teach 6,7 and 8th grade Physical Education and Health.

I also have been in the Landscaping business for over 30 years. I specialize in flower design and rose care.

I'm married to my wife Anna for 30 years and have 2 sons, John 26 (graduate of Drexel University in Philadelphia) and Stephen 23 (graduate of The George Washington University in DC).

I love teaching and I love designing flower gardens. I have the best of both worlds. Im always thinking of new and creative "out of the box" activities for my students. I also apply this creativity when it comes to gardening. This is how I came up with the Ring Weeder. If Edward Scissors hands can do it, why cant I?

Photos (click to enlarge)

photos: compliments of Vincent Suozzi photos: compliments of Vincent Suozzi photos: compliments of Vincent Suozzi photos: compliments of Vincent Suozzi photos: compliments of Vincent Suozzi photos: compliments of Vincent Suozzi photos: compliments of Vincent Suozzi

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