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#195: Mike interviews Jennifer Bartley of American Potager about Kitchen Gardens

Jennifer BartleyIn this week's episode, Mike interviews Jennifer Bartley author of the books The Kitchen Gardener's Handbook and Designing the New Kitchen Garden: An American Potager Handbook.

Jennifer is a licensed landscape architect in Ohio and California and CLARB Certified. She holds an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in landscape architecture from The Ohio State University.

Jennifer has written for Fine Gardening, Organic Gardening and Birds and Bloom Magazine. She frequently lectures around the country on seasonal, sustainable and edible garden design.

This week, Mike and Jennifer discuss everything about kitchen gardens, garden design, landscape architecture and the importance of planting various flowers to attract beneficial insects and which ones you should choose.

That, and so much more this week on Vegetable Gardening!

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Kitchen Gardens
  • Garden Design
  • Planting Flowers to attract beneficial insects
  • Foraging
  • Annuals
  • Perennials

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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About this week's Guest, Jennifer Bartley of American Potager:

American Potager is a landscape architecture firm founded with the belief that gardens can be beautiful, productive and restorative. Our designs are inspired by the grand French kitchen gardens and borrow elements of enclosure, seasonality and dependence on the garden for everyday food and flower arrangements.

We are part of the new mandate in modern garden design to create sustainable, useful and edible gardens that bring joy to the soul and bounty for the table. We create master plans for estates and intimate kitchen gardens for restaurants but always with a place to sit and enjoy the harvest.

We select the ideal brick or stone for patios, paths and walls. We design fences, gates, potting cupboards, trellises and wrought iron fruit tunnels. We are experts at selecting plants that create shade, enclosure, volume, structure, fragrance, bloom, bouquets, shelter and something to eat every day of the year.

We collaborate with clients, architects and other landscape architects on an individual basis to create outdoor garden rooms that are places of beauty and respite.

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