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Seeds of the Month Club
#244: Nominating Your School for the Seed Keeper Project with Carol Niec & Kerrie Rosenthal

In This Episode of Vegetable Gardening

#244: Nominating Your School for the Seed Keeper Project with Carol Niec & Kerrie Rosenthal

Mike chats with Carol Niec & Kerrie Rosenthal of the Seed Keeper Company about the upcoming Seed Keeper Project Giveaway. They give tell us all about how the Seed Keeper Project got started, what their motivation was and how they are making a difference in school gardens everywhere.

From there, they will tell us how you can nominate your school, when to do it, and what your school will receive should they win

That, and so much more on this week's episode of vegetable gardening

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#244: Nominating Your School for the Seed Keeper Project with Carol Niec & Kerrie Rosenthal

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Here's what we'll cover:

  • How the Seed Keeper Project got started
  • How your school can apply
  • What does your school win

Mentioned in this Episode:

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About this Episode's Guests, Carol Niec & Kerrie Rosenthal

The Seed Keeper Company came about when we tried to find a better way to store our seeds. Together, we developed a seed filing system for seed packets and captured seeds complete with tips and seed planting accessories. The accessories were chosen because they are important to the seed starting process. The plastic clip-lock container is rugged enough to go to the garden and solid enough to protect delicate seeds until the next planting season.

The produce, from our gardens, is fresh, organic and on our tables in minutes—and, our vases are filled with fresh flowers that we grew, too. All for pennies compared to what you pay for produce from the market or flowers from the florist. Think about it—it’s more economical and makes our carbon footprint smaller.

Get a Seed Keeper Deluxe or a Seed Keeper today and join the seed saving revolution.

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