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#345: Growing Medicinal Herbs, Creating Permaculture Food Forests (Stephanie Syson)

In This Episode of the Vegetable Gardening Show

#345: Growing Medicinal Herbs, Creating Permaculture Food Forests (Stephanie Syson) In this episode of the Vegetable Gardening show, Mike chats with Stephanie Syson about medicinal herbs, permaculture and food forests. Stephanie tells us how a medical issue early in her life redirected her to where she is today, a successful grower of medicinal herbs, and a food forest in Basalt, CO.

She will share with us her personal journey, how she got to this point and how it played a positive role in her life. She'll tell us all about Biodynamic Botanicals, the farm that she co-owns to grow 10 acres worth of medicinal herbs and how, even with that much space, still can't meet the demands of her customer base.

From there, Stephanie will tell us how she learned about food forests and permaculture while a river guide in Latin America and how she took that knowledge she learned there to create a food forest in her home town where anyone can eat fresh fruits, herbs and veggies by simply walking through their public park and plucking what they like off the bushes and trees.

This, and so much more, on this episode of The Vegetable Gardening Show!

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#345: Growing Medicinal Herbs, Creating Permaculture Food Forests (Stephanie Syson)

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Here's What We'll Cover in this week's episode of the Vegetable Gardening Show

  • Turning an unfortunate medical incident into a positive outlook in life
  • Learning about permaculture and food forests
  • The permaculture farms in Latin America
  • Why medicinal herbs are so valuable
  • Where do medicinal herbs come from?
  • What exactly are medicinal herbs
  • The various ways to ingest medicinal herbs
  • Permaculture and Food Forests
  • What you need to know before creating a food forest in your area

Mentioned in this week's episode of the Vegetable Gardening Show

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About this episode's guest on the Vegetable Gardening Show, Stephanie Syson

#345: Growing Medicinal Herbs, Creating Permaculture Food Forests (Stephanie Syson) Stephanie has spent the past decade with her hands in the dirt growing the powerful herbs that create vitality and wellness.

Stephanie also has 10 years of experience in the herbal product industry as well as having over 13 years researching and practicing various forms of sustainable farming across the United States and Latin America.

She is a Certified Permaculture Designer, an educator in the fields of Greenhouse Management, Seed Saving and Herbalism. Stephanie lectures across the United States on topics such as Public Food Forests, Seed Saving Libraries and Culinary and Medicinal Herb Growing.

She has presented at conferences such as the Boulder Bioneers and the North American Permaculture Convergence. Stephanie also works with groups of all ages to further their knowledge of these topics through regular public workshops held at the Basalt Regional Library, a childhood education series held at the Basalt Middle School as well as teaching for the Colorado Extension Service and co-hosting the Living Permaculture Show, a monthly radio show on public radio KDNK.

Stephanie is committed to community service through education and demonstration of herbal self-care and sustainable farming practices. She manages a public food forest in Basalt called the Basalt Food Park. She is thrilled to partner with Brook and Sustainable Settings to expand the quantity and variety of healing herbs that will be offered in the seasons to come.

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