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#429: How to Grow Mushrooms at Home - [Tavis Lynch]

In This Episode of The Vegetable Gardening Show

#429: How to Grow Mushrooms at Home - [Tavis Lynch] In this episode of the Vegetable Gardening show, Mike chats with Tavis Lynch, author of the book, "Mushroom Cultivation: An Illustrated Guide to Growing Your Own Mushrooms at Home", about how you can grow a wide variety of mushrooms right at home.

Tavis has been growing mushrooms on a commercial scale for nearly 10 years, supplying 5 different varieties of mushrooms to his local Wisconsin area.

He is coming on The Vegetable Gardening Show today to teach us the steps necessary to grow our own favorite mushrooms right at home alongside our garden areas.

Tavis will tell us what a substrate is, why it is important to choose the right one and how to prepare your substrate to properly grow mushrooms.

From there, he'll teach us about how to properly care for your mushroom beds, how long they need to grow before you should harvest and some common mistakes new mushroom growers always seem to make.

This, and so much more, on this episode of The Vegetable Gardening Show!

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Watch this episode of The Vegetable Gardening show

Growing Mushrooms (some links may be affiliate links)

Here's What We'll Cover in this week's episode of the Vegetable Gardening Show

  • Choosing the right substrate
  • Choosing the right mushroom
  • Preparing your substrate
  • Getting your spawn
  • Watering your mushrooms
  • Best climates for growing mushrooms
  • How long to harvest?
  • Garden bed size for ample mushrooms
  • Common mushroom growing mistakes

Mentioned in this week's episode of the Vegetable Gardening Show

About this episode's guest, Tavis Lynch

#429: How to Grow Mushrooms at Home - [Tavis Lynch] Tavis's Mushrooms is a shiitake, oyster mushroom and wine cap farm in northern Wisconsin. We also offer wild mushroom identification and supply.

Cultivated shiitake and wine cap mushrooms. Wild chanterelles, boletes, hericiums, hedgehogs, maitake, morels and many other mushrooms.

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