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#325: Reduce Memory Loss - How to Improve Brain Functionality (Dr. Steven Masley)

In This Episode of the Vegetable Gardening Show

#325: Reduce Memory Loss - How to Improve Brain Functionality (Dr. Steven Masley) In this episode of the Vegetable Gardening show, Mike chats with Dr. Steven Masley about memory loss. According to Dr. Masley, your brain shrinks over time as you age as well as through consuming an unhealthy diet. He is going to fill us in how you can take steps to prevent memory loss and help with brain fog.

Memory loss affects a lot of people around the globe, and many do not even know that their diet plays a role in increasing their memory loss.

Dr. Masley is going to tell us about the five steps you need to follow in order to help prevent memory loss, the number one cause of memory loss, and how the fruits and vegetables you grow in your garden can aid in preventing memory loss.

From there, he'll tell us what should and should not be on your dinner plate every night, the portion sizes you should be consuming, and the power of herbs when it comes to preventing memory loss.

This, and so much more, on this episode of The Vegetable Gardening Show!

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#325: Reduce Memory Loss - How to Improve Brain Functionality (Dr. Steven Masley)

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Here's What We'll Cover in this week's episode of the Vegetable Gardening Show

  • Choosing the right foods to prevent memory loss and brain fog
  • The number 1 cause of memory loss
  • How to prevent up to 90% of memory loss through eating colorful vegetables
  • Vegetables that do not have any benefits to aid in preventing memory loss
  • What should be on your dinner plate to help prevent memory loss
  • 5 areas that you need to focus in on to improve brain health

Mentioned in this week's episode of the Vegetable Gardening Show

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About this episode's guest on the Vegetable Gardening Show, Dr. Steven Masley

#325: Reduce Memory Loss - How to Improve Brain Functionality (Dr. Steven Masley) Steven Masley MD is a physician, nutritionist, trained-chef, author, and the creator of the #1 health program for Public Television, 30 Days to a Younger Heart. He helps motivated people tune up their brain, heart, and sexual performance.

He is a fellow with three prestigious organizations: the American Heart Association, American College of Nutrition, and American Academy of Family Physicians. His research focuses on the impact of lifestyle choices on brain function, heart disease, and aging. His passion is empowering people to achieve optimal health through comprehensive assessments and lifestyle changes.

As a best-selling author, he has published several books: Ten Years Younger, The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up, Smart Fat, and his latest book, The Better Brain Solution, plus numerous scientific articles. His work has been viewed by millions on PBS, the Discovery Channel, the Today Show, and over 500 media interviews.

He also completed a chef internship at the Four Seasons Restaurant in Seattle, WA, and he has performed cooking demonstrations at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, Canyon Ranch, the Pritikin Longevity Center, and for multiple television appearances. As a speaker during his career, Dr. Masley has spoken for over 300 physician continuing medical education (CME) events, and for over 700 public presentations on a variety of topics related to health, cognitive function, aging, and cardiovascular disease. He continues to see patients and publish research from his medical clinic in St. Petersburg Florida, and he offers weekly blogs on his website,

For additional information, regarding Dr. Masley’s clinic, please visit:

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